How to become a participant?

Summer Intensive Estonia classical ballet summer course particularly aimed at dancers studying ballet and making their first steps as professionals, whose goal is to acquire the profession of a ballet dancer, practice as one and perfect their skills with devotion. If you meet these requirements, please fill in the application form on our website, adding all necessary materials to it, and we will get in touch with you. Participation in the ballet course is for a fee: the cost of the course is 1720 Euros (3 weeks) and the additional fee for accommodation and catering depends on the dates You stay and the meals You would like to pre-order.

Will I be refunded if something changes by summer 2019?

Since Summer Intensive Estonia goal is to prepare a professional gala performance by August 10th and 11th 2019, each participant has a specific role in the show. Therefore, each participant is important to us in order for the show to be a success. But unexpected things can happen in life, and we are surely willing to look at each case individually.

How much is the cost of the program and accommodation and what does the full package include?

Please refer to Prices page. Full package includes Course fee + Accommodation.

We do not have registration fee, but we take 350 non-refundable deposit to secure your place in Workshop.

What languages does the team communicate in?

Team members are fluent in Estonian, Russian and English and know the basics of French and German. If necessary, we can communicate in Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish and solve all issues related to language.

How much experience on pointe should a dancer have before attending a workshop?

The best for Professionals students to have at least 5-6 years of experience on pointe. Professionals students who attend a Summer Intensive swill be expected to participate in pointe classes everyday.

Students  beginner pointe level 2-3 years can be considered for the Ballet  Summer Workshop with their own level group.

What is the daily schedule like at an Summer Intensive Estonia?

Students will be in class or rehearsal from approximately 9am to 18.00 pm.

All  Dancer programs are from Monday through Saturday.

All levels will have technique and pointe.

Dancers will have rehearsals on occasional evenings.

Professioanl students will have the opportunity to participate in a final performance Gala selections from Ballet Workshop in Estonia repertoire created during the program. The final performance is on the last day of the program and is usually scheduled for the  afternoon.

What will I be performing in the Summer Intensive Gala?

As of Summer 2017, the Summer Intensive Gala will exclusively showcase Repertory.  Summer Intensives will prepeatre the class time previously set aside for new choreography as a means of adding supplementary technique classes, further emphasizing classical ballet and contemporary technique.

What if I come only for a short period?

If you come for just a part of the workshop, (1, 2 or 3 first weeks) and will not stay for the Gala Shows, we have a special training program for you. Please get in touch.

What are the age limitations?

All participants must be 16 years or older. All participants under the age of 18 on are required to send us the parental consent form Authorization for underage person filled in by their parents or legal guardian by email.

Is there scholarship or financial aid?

Yes. See Scholarship page.

What is the cost of attending the Summer Ballet Intensive?

Please visit our page at  Course Price.

What kind of housing is provided at each program?

Housing costs are not included in the tuition payment made to Ballet Workshop in Estonia (Tallinn).  Please read Accomodation section for housing on each program.

Is food provided?

Dinner, Lunch is not included into the price of the course, but breakfast is  included in hotel price. Tallinn is a touristic city and full of various options for every taste.

How will I know if my Registration Form/Application, Scholarship Application, and/or Audition Video have been received?

Summer Internsive Estonia will send you a confirmation email upon the receipt of your Registration Form/Application, Scholarship Application, and/or Audition Video. Please make sure to clearly print a current/valid email address on any forms sent to our office.

When should I arrive on the first day of the Course?

We recommend that participants coming from abroad, arrive in Estonia a day or two before the program’s start date. In case You are also taking accommodation, please do not forget to clearly state on what day will You arrive, so we are able to make individual reservation for You.

I have an injury, can I still come to the course? 

Unfortunately no. No injured candidate can have a profound workshop training while being injured. First You should get healthy.

In which language will the course be given in?

The Courses will be given in English. The Summer Intensive Estonia staff speaks also Russian and Estonian.

Is medical insurance included in the program fee?

NO.  Full medical insurance is not included in the program's tuition as we await participants from very different countries will different insurance needs.   We also ask that you make sure to purchase your own international traveler's insurance You may need during the workshop.

Will there be a physical therapist available during the program?

A physical therapist, or a massage therapist will be available at the Summer Ballet Workshop by appointment only.  In the event that a participant is in need of a treatment, an appointment can be set up according to their availability. The treatment is chargeable  and participants are responsible to make the payment directly to the therapist.

Is Summer Intensive Estonia taking place in a secure country (city)?

Yes, Estonia is a safe and quiet country and Tallinn is also nice place for professional training and concentrated work.

Is there a dress code for the workshop?

We respect the traditional ballet dress code, try to look like a professional, mature ballet dancer. There is no specific dress code at Summer Ballet Workshop, but the teachers must be able to see your body moving.

IMPORTANT: If you are on any prescribed medication, please notify the office, and bring enough supply with you as you might not be able to buy medicine in Estonia with a doctor's prescription from another country. Don't forget all necessary medication, Bring your usual headache, muscle relaxes etc, ) as well as medical insurance information.