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Kirill Radev popular choreographer is a Russia and Europe

Kirill Radev our Contemporary Dance Teacher.


Kirill Radev was born in 1981 in Russia. In 1991 his dance training began at the Russian Ballet Academy of A.Vaganova.

He joined the Imperial Russian Ballet in 1999 as a soloist, rising to the rank of principal dancer in  2003.

In 2008, Radev joined (Corella Ballet) Barcelona Ballet as a Soloist, with Angel Corella as a director.

He finished his career at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography getting the certificate as a choreographer, in 2010. Radev's awards include: The Grand Prix at the 7-th International Ballet Competition of Luxemburg in 2003, as a dancer. A diploma of the 8-th Competition of Ballet Dancers at the Russia  open, for participation a foreign dancers and Perm in 2004, as a dancer. As a choreographer, he won Bronze Medal at the VII Serge Lifar International  Ballet  Competition, Donetsk, Ukraine in 2011. 

Radev began his career as a choreographer in 2008. He has since created ranging from pas de deux to full one-act ballet. In the list of his works are; «Suspiri» music by E. Elgar (performed in Russia) 2008; «Two» music by A.Vivaldi (performed in Russia) 2009; «Prelud» music by F.Chopin (performed in Russia,  Bolshoy  Theater)  2009; «Ave Maria»  music by  F.Shubert (performed in  Italy  by Angel  Corella) 2009; «Simfonietta»  music by B.Chaykovskiy (performed in Russia) 2010; «Autumn prayer» music by Y.Abdokov (performed in Russia, Spain) 2010; «Reflections» music by E.Grieg (performed in Ukraine) 2011; «Tocatta for two» music by S.Prokofiev (performed in Ukraine) 2011; «Rain is falling» music by E.L.O. (performed in Spain, Barcelona Ballet) 2011; «Strange magic» music by E.L.O. (performed in Spain, Barcena Ballet) 2011; «Звук и отзвук» music by  E.Ysaye (performed in Russia, Bolshoy theatre) 2013; «Sombras ajenas» music by Y.Abdokov (performed in Russia, Bolshoy theatre and Barcelona Ballet, Spain) 2013; «Inhalation» music by S.Rachmaninov (performed in Russia) 2014.

In 2012, Kirill Radev created  his second commissioned work for the Barcelona Ballet: «Facing the light», music by  A.Vivaldi. This ballet has been a remarkable success. The Barcelona Ballet included it in their repertoire. In 2014 he made his third commissioned work for a Russian ballet company named Ballet Moscow. This ballet was «Three poems» music by Y.Abdokov and was included into the repertoire of the company.

In 2015, Radev was invited to the College of Yakutsk. Being a superior ballet school, they asked him to create one choreography for the final test of the senior students. He created «Dialogues». It was a total success.

After that, In April of 2016, he created a piece for the "Instituto del Teare" of Barcelona named "Corelló" with music of J.Savall. It was performed by students of the later grades. The premiere of "MAJOR OR MINOR?" on May 29th was performed on the stage of The Bolshoi Theatre, Russia. Radev was invited to take part in the "Young Choreographers Workshop of The Bolshoi Theatre". After that, in October, his collaboration with the dance company LaMov with their new production of "7 Pecados Capitales" came out.

In 2017, Kirill Radev made his work in Russia. First of all, in St.-Petersburg, he created a modern opera named "Oedipus Rex". The premiere took place at the Aleksandrinskiy Theatre in February. The second work in his motherland was a ballet inspired by F. Kafka "Metamorphosis". The result was a one-act ballet for the company of Theatre New Ballet in Moscow.

"As a choreographer, Radev uses a diverse selection of music from a vast historical spectrum. As a rule, he develops difficult ensemble and symphonic dance compositions".
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