Customer feedback is important to us! Take a look what testimonials our participants from schools like Vaganova Ballet Academy or Boston Ballet and Balancine teacher have given to us!


Jane Trixibelle Simmons 
"Certainly having Agnes Oaks as a teacher what an inspiration to all dancers."

Linnar Looris, Houston Ballet - First Soloist, Ballet Intensive Teacher, Choreographer

“I see it as a wonderful new Ballet Intensive amongst many in the world. It’s a gem, that not many people know about yet, so anyone who comes here gets to be a part of something really special. The teachers and the choreographers are fantastic and the students get to dance at a final Gala performance in this lovely Opera House. As a dancer from Houston Ballet, I would suggest to attend this valuable workshop.”

Nanette Glushak, Balanchine Trust, Balanchine teacher

 "Very very fine teachers and great atmosphere here. Wonderful, when you meet new people from different places with different trainings and become friends during this workshop. This Summer Intensive is quite special - such a human atmosphere and organizers were able to get pretty good and advanced level here! And of course advanced Balanchine techinique! Plus it is very beautiful here in Tallinn! "

Lode Devos, Choreographer

"This workshop can give you the first experience of what the theatre company work is. Working for a director in real theatre and preparing everything for performance. Very good mix of workshop and choreography, where workshop ends with Gala evening. Beautiful city and very positive atmosphere."

Konstantin Keykhel, Teacher and Choreographer from Russia

 "This Summer Ballet Intensive is really good experience for me and young dancers, even from Russia. My work with these young people is very interesting. They have a lot of energy. This is a good experience for young dancers to dance in big theatre. Tallinn is very beautiful with fresh air and beautiful Old Town"

Eve Andre, Choreographer and Soloist Estonian National Opera

"It is not that important how talented you are. What is really important is hard work and to love what you do to reach your goals. I am happy that we have workshop like this now in Estonia, in Estonian National Opera! This workshop gives a lot - you can see different teachers, choreographers and dancers from other countries. If you would like to become a good dancer it is very good for your future."

Sofia Orlova, Vaganova Ballet Academy student

"Interesting program and teachers, three-week long and the suitable age of participants. Workshop exceeded my expectations! Now my school Vaganova Ballet Academy waits me back!"

"Интересная программа и педагоги, длительность 3 недели и возраст участников.  Курс превзошел ожидания!"

2017 Workshop dancer, USA

"I expected to get in shape and communicate with new people around the world and I achieved it!  Enjoyed working with the teachers, got a lot of new experiences. Thank you!"

Jade Eitner, USA, Ballet Chicago student

"My expectations were satisfied! Happy to go now to Ballet Chicago"

2017 Workshop dancer, USA

"I really liked this workshop, and the teachers were very insipring for me. I have learned so much and hopefully will come next year too."

Nora Ekman, Sweden, Russian Perm State Ballet School

"It was the best summer school I went to. A lot of dancing, ballet, rehearsing, variation, modern, jazz etc. I’m excited for next year! End of the course my mom and grandma came and watch the Gala performance. I love the city Tallinn I could work there in their theater! Now back to Russian Perm State Ballet School."

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