About Tallinn

The city of Tallinn is almost 1000 years old and its Old Town is officially considered to be one of the best preserved in Northern Europe. The Old Town is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and welcomes over 2.5 million tourists every year. 

Tallinn is the perfect place:

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Tallinn as a Ballet City

Tallinn Ballet School - Tallinna Balletikool

The high standard of Estonian Ballet traditions comes from our National Ballet School - Tallinn Ballet School. The school already has been established in 1947.

Kaie Kõrb

Has been a Prima Ballerina in the Estonian National Opera and now is the director of the Tallinn Ballet School.

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Tallinn Ballet Competition

Every second year in Estonia,  the International Tallinn Ballet Competition is organized. Young Ballet Dancers from all over the world come here to compete!

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