Information on countries and restriction on freedom of movement requirements for passengers

Foreign nationals arriving from high-risk countries can receive a test for a fee. Testing is voluntary and shortens the mandatory 10-day restriction on the freedom of movement.

If the first coronavirus PRC test has been performed upon arrival or 72 hours before arrival in Estonia and the result is negative, limited self-isolation is requested for the first 6 days from arrival, i.e., you can go to work to perform urgent and indispensable duties at your employer’s request and buy groceries in a shop near your place of residence. However, it is important to avoid unnecessary contacts. Even while at work, you should maintain a safe distance from others, wear a mask and take other necessary measures.

The second PCR test must be taken no earlier than 6 days after the first test, and if it is also negative, normal life can be resumed. This means after two negative coronavirus PRC tests a person is not subject to a 10-day restriction on the freedom of movement. The 10-day restriction on the freedom of movement applies to all those coming from high-risk countries who do not take the two tests.

Check-in and Check-out dates in Metropol Hotel

Participation for whom self-isolation is requested:

Metropol hotel is it free for participant whom self-isolation is requested from July 4th   till July 11th    

Breakfast&Lunch is included for this periood (July 4th   - July 10th )

More information regarding hotel is here