Interview with the organizer of the Summer Ballet Workshop in Estonia


Interview with Galina Rohumaa, organizer of the Summer Ballet Workshop in Estonia

Our master class is unique in that I focus on developing the whole dancer - not just their technique. We emphasize musicality, expression, and character work in order to help our students become well-rounded artists. We also strive to make the class fun and engaging, so that our students can learn more effectively and enjoy their dancing experience.

The feedback from participants of the summer ballet workshop has been overwhelmingly positive. Many dancers have commented on the level of instruction and attention that they have received from our experienced and knowledgeable faculty. They have also noted how much fun they've had and the bonds they have formed with other dancers. Additionally, dancers have reported feeling a great sense of accomplishment from completing the program and are eager to continue their progress in ballet.

One of the major challenges we have faced in organizing the workshop in Estonia is finding suitable and certified teachers who can conduct the classes. As ballet is a highly specialized and demanding art form, we need to make sure that we are able to source teachers who have the appropriate qualifications, experience, and knowledge. Additionally, we also need to ensure that the teachers we hire are compatible with the particular style of teaching in Estonia. Another challenge is in securing the necessary venues for the classes to take place. As the classes will be conducted over the summer months, we need to ensure that the venues have adequate air conditioning, good lighting, and enough space to accommodate the pupils. Finally, we need to be mindful of the financial constraints that come with organizing such an event. Ballet master classes are usually quite expensive, so we need to ensure that we keep costs to a minimum while still offering a high-quality experience to the participants.

My advice to someone considering attending my ballet workshop would be to come prepared to work hard and be open to learning new techniques and ideas. Ballet is a challenging and rewarding art form, and with the guidance of a master, you can make great strides in your technique. Be sure to listen to your teacher’s instructions and corrections, ask questions if you need clarification, and practice on your own time. With dedication and focus, you’ll be on your way to becoming a better dancer.

I hope participants come away from the summer ballet workshop experience feeling inspired and empowered. I want them to understand the beauty and power of ballet, and to carry that feeling with them as they continue to pursue their own personal goals and dreams. I also want to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to continue their ballet journey and to help them experience the joy of dance.