Russell Adamson

Immersed in the vibrant fusion of modern and jazz, Russell Adamson's spellbinding presence as a performer, collaborator, and inspiring teacher leaves an indelible mark on the dance world.

From the world of street dance, Russell Adamson found his way into the realm of dance, graduating as a dancer, dance pedagogue, and choreographer from the London School of Contemporary Dance College in 1985. Russell has furthered his studies at the Central School of Ballet in London and the Alvin Ailey School in New York. He has performed his own solo works at numerous festivals, not only in Finland but also in Latvia, Austria, and the United Kingdom. In addition, he has starred in several musicals in London, Stockholm, and Helsinki.

As a choreographer, Russell has worked extensively with various dance groups, as well as in opera, theater, the Esti Ballet Company, and TV productions. His most recent works include Crossroads, premiered by Tarton Vanemuine Ballet Company, Pori Dance Company, Nytke Dance Festival Finland, and Kannon Dance Festival in St. Petersburg. Russell is also a sought-after teacher, who in addition to his teaching work at Tampere Conservatory and numerous dance schools, has visited ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna, Boris Eifman Dance Academy in St. Petersburg, and the Kuopio Dance and Music Festival.

Russell Adamson's remarkable journey from street dance to a versatile international career showcases the endless possibilities within the world of dance.
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