Alice Klock/Florian Lochner

Alice Klock and Florian Lochner co-founded FLOCK, merging their talents to innovate in dance and choreography worldwide.

Master Class:

This class will begin with a FLOCK warmup focused on strength and stabilizing exercises coupled with improv based explorations. This will lead into learning excerpts from repertory and an exploration of FLOCK’s unique style and philosophy. The emphasis of the class is on researching physicality and finding and inhabiting personal artistry.


Partnering Class:

Join FLOCK for an exploration of their unique and non-binary partnering style. This class will focus on trust, communication, and the possibilities unlocked through equal partnership. The emphasis of the class is on guiding each participant into new ways of understanding contact and their own physicality within the context of connection. 


Additional Language:

Any artist who participates in FLOCK is not asked to fit into a mold, but is rather asked to fully express and explore their craft in a co-creative setting. This leads to a feeling of care in each FLOCK process or class and gives creators a platform to be themselves and explore their artistry in the most vibrant ways.      

Alice Klock and Florian Lochner are celebrated for their innovative contributions to the dance world, fusing artistic expression with groundbreaking choreographic techniques.
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