Course Programme 2024

Save the Dates! From July 15th to Aug 4th,2024

If you are a professional ballet dancer or an advanced semi-professional looking to improve your ballet skills and jump to the next level, then this three and a half -week Summer Intensive programme is designed for you.

*For semi and professional dancers woth Show, International Summer Ballet Workshop course 2024 includes three weeks of intensive ballet training. Students will be immersed in dance with classes of five to six hours per day on six days per week, learning from our famous class instructors Ballet Technique, Repertoire, Pointe technique, Variations, Contemporary, pilates and Floor ballet barre

How can we boost your career in three and a half weeks? With our Summer Intensive, you will

  • improve your classical ballet techniques with our teachers from famous Russian Vaganova Ballet Academy.
  • be able to take classical ballet technique and variation classes from world-famous prima ballerina Agnes Oaks from English National Theatre.
  • be able to take modern Contemporary dance masterclasses

For our professional programme:

Our requirement is classical ballet experience of a minimum of 6 years and on pointe experience of 5 years for girls.

For semi-professional programme:

Our requirement is classical ballet experience of a minimum of 4 years and on pointe experience of 3 years for girls.

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Not yet 16 years - Please check out our new "One Week Young Dancers Ballet Intensive" for age 12-15 years:

Youth programme

Why should you choose our Summer Intensive in Estonia?

*Professional level with Gala

For professional dancers with Gala, this course is specifically designed to master the repertoire for the Gala performance. The event will take place on the stage of the Estonian National Opera and Ballet.

This summer workshop is designed for trained ballet dancers, offering intensive training and opportunities to perform on stage. It's a welcoming environment where dancers from various countries and cultures come to enhance their skills.

*Semi-Professional Level with Show + One Number in the 2024 Gala"

This category is specially designed for dancers at the semi-professional level who will not only participate in our comprehensive training program but also have the unique opportunity to perform one number in the 2024 Gala.

At the Ballet Summer Workshop Estonia, our three-week program is designed for advanced ballet students and dancers. It includes a mix of Ballet Technique, Pointe, Repertoire, and Contemporary or Jazz, along with Pilates or Stretching exercises.


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Important dates

International Summer Ballet Workshop Estonia takes place from July 15th 2024 to August 4th  2024 in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia in Northern Europe


15. - 20. july

The arrival and housing of the participants. Individual arrival dates can be changed, the welcoming night for participants is held on July  14th.

Training takes place every day at the Estonian National Opera.

Programme for 15.07-20.07.2024

  • 09.30 - ....  Pilates/Floor Barre or stretching, Vaganova/Balanchine ballet class
  • Lunch  break
  • ... - 16.30/17.30 – Male technique, Point Technique and Contemporary technique.
22. - 27. july

Professional level and semi-professional level with Show performance (for friends and parents)

  • 9.30 - Ballet class, classical technique, Pointe technique, Variation, Male technique
  • Lunch  break
  • ... - 16.30/17.30 - , Classical Repertoire, Pilates/Floore Barre or stretching etc.
29. july - 4. august

Semi-professional level with Show performance

The workshop ends with a show performance for parents and friends ( August 4th)

29. july - 4. august

Professional level with Show performance

The workshop ends with a show performance  ( August 3th  and August 4th)