Eve Mutso

Eve Mutso stands at the confluence of dance and yoga, embodying the dual role of a visionary choreographer and a transformative yoga instructor.

Eve Mutso is a celebrated freelance dancer, choreographer, and yoga instructor, renowned for her versatility and depth in both the performing arts and wellness community. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, Eve graduated from the Tallinn Ballet School in 1999 and swiftly made her mark as a principal dancer with the Estonian National Ballet, and later, the Scottish Ballet, Scotland’s national dance company. Throughout her illustrious dance career, Eve has performed a rich repertoire that includes works by Ashton, Arias, Balanchine, and many others, showcasing her remarkable range and ability to convey deep emotional narratives through dance.

In addition to her significant contributions to ballet, Eve is a 300hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor in Yin Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga, emphasizing her dedication to wellness, mindfulness, and the holistic development of her students. Her transition into yoga instruction has been a natural extension of her artistic journey, allowing her to merge her profound understanding of movement with the spiritual and physical practices of yoga. Eve's approach to teaching is infused with her deep knowledge of body awareness and alignment, enriched by her extensive experience in dance.

Her first choreographic work, elEven, was performed in 2014, marking the beginning of her journey into choreography. Since then, Eve has continued to explore and create, collaborating with a diverse array of artists across various disciplines, including musicians, poets, and filmmakers. Her choreographic works, such as Echo, Flock, and the internationally toured 111, showcase her innovative approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of dance.

Eve has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to dance with nominations from the Critics Circle for the National Dance Award for Outstanding Female Performance (Classical) in 2015, among other accolades. She is also a committed educator and mentor, serving as a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions like the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and a board member of Indepen-dance, an inclusive dance company in Scotland.

Eve Mutso’s career is a testament to her passion for the arts and her dedication to enriching the lives of others through dance and yoga. Her work not only highlights her exceptional talent as a dancer and choreographer but also her influence as a yoga teacher, bringing balance, strength, and tranquility to her students.

Eve Mutso intricately weaves the grace of ballet with the serene strength of yoga, crafting a unique tapestry that enriches the worlds of dance and wellness with her unparalleled artistic and spiritual journey
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